Write a research article

finishedlogoAs well as book reviews and conference/event reviews, U.S Studies Online is also an esteemed home for new and original research material. Be this an abbreviated chapter piece, a journal article idea condensed to our preferred 1000~ word limit, or a creative take on your own research (poetry, prose, etc.), we are eager for you share your work with us. We publish on a variety of topics and fields, from visual culture (art, photography) to American politics and history, as well as literature and secondary scholarship. If you’d like to begin a respectful editorial process for your own work, and to find a home for your research material, email the co-editors – Sarah and Robyn – at usso@baas.ac.uk.

  • Remember to include a brief summary of the piece in your email.
  • Put ‘Research Article’ at the beginning of the email’s subject line.
  • Include a short bio and your affiliated institution (if applicable)

We also welcome pitches for proposed articles, as well as completed drafts. We look forward to reading your research, and working with you toward publication.

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