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William McCarter

William Matthew McCarter is a writer and a college professor from Southeast Missouri. After completing the PhD at The University of Texas-Arlington, McCarter has primarily been writing and publishing work that brings attention to his native rural America. He has published academic work in several academic journals like ‘Teaching American Literature: A Journal of Theory and Practice’, ‘Fastcapitalism’, and ‘The St. JohnÕs Humanities Review’. McCarter is also a fiction writer and was nominated for a Pushcart Prize for his short story, ÒOn the Road in Õ94.Ó His most recent creative publications have been in ‘The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature’, ‘Midwestern Gothic’ and ‘Fried Chicken and Coffee’. He has also published book reviews in ‘Wilderness House Literary Review’ and in ‘Southern Historian’. In addition, his first academic book, ‘Homo Redneckus: On Being Not White in America’ was published in March of 2012. McCarter, along with his colleague, Vicki Sapp, edited an anthology on White Trash literature called ‘Trash Told Tales’. It was published in November of 2014.

American Multiculturalism as Cultural Imperialism

In contemporary American society, being against “multiculturalism” is a lot like being against “baseball, apple pie, hot dogs, and Chevrolet.” It is as much of a part of American ideology as the rugged individualism of the American Cowboy or the self-sacrifice of the American citizen soldier. American institutions routinely celebrate America’s diversity and those who are brazen enough to challenge the merits of these celebrations are seen as being crude anachronisms from an America that no longer is.