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Stella Krepp

Dr. Stella Krepp is an assistant professor of Iberian and Latin American history at Bern University, Switzerland. In 2013, she received her PhD in history at the University of Cambridge with a thesis on ÔContending Hemispheric Narratives in the Organization of American States, 1941-1982Õ. The book titled The Decline of the Western Hemisphere: A History of Inter-American Relations from 1941 to 1990 is currently under review with Cambridge University Press. Together with Thomas Field and Vanni Pettinˆ, she is co-editing the volume Latin America and the Third World: An International History (forthcoming with University of North Carolina Press). Her current project ÔThe Real Road to DevelopmentÕ: The Americas between Reform, Independence, and Revolution, 1954-64Õ examines emerging ideas of progress, modernity, and development in Brazil, Cuba, and the British Caribbean. In 2016, she won the D.C. Watt Prize of the Transatlantic Studies Association.

Review: Transatlantic Studies Association Conference 2017

The ‘unofficial’ theme that permeated the conference was the future of the Anglo-American relationship in the age of Trump and Brexit. As concerns continue to grow on both sides of the Atlantic, scholars are attempting to gauge the wider repercussions of both developments and what this means for the role of the US and Britain in world politics.