British Association for American Studies


Philip Davies

Professor Emeritus of American Studies (De Montfort University & Eccles Centre for American Studies at the British Library), Distinguished Fellow at RAI Oxford, Co-chair American Politics Group. A career spent heavily into US Election campaigns. Currently early into retirement and not quite worked out what it’s for.

Book Review: Trump and Us: What He Says and Why People Listen by Roderick P. Hart

Roderick P. Hart’s book was written in a time noisy with the sounds and echoes of Donald Trump’s Twitter feed.  The political world is quieter now.  Former President Trump can hardly be heard from his Florida base.  He has not disappeared, and his continuing influence on the Republican Party and on the practice of US politics is evidenced by the nervous cotillion being performed around him.  Witness Senator Mitch McConnell who, in rapid succession, voted to acquit Trump in the second impeachment trial, made a speech excoriating Trump for his role in prompting the January 6th 2021 attack on the US Capitol, and only days later affirmed that he would ‘absolutely’ support Trump’s return to the White House should the Donald gain the GOP nomination in 2024.