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Olga Akroyd

Olga Akroyd is a graduate of University of Kent (American Studies, 2020) where she worked on a comparative analysis of landmark texts by Herman Melville and Feodor Dostoevsky for her PhD thesis. Currently she is engaged in research for her forthcoming monograph on John Randolph of Roanoke (1773-1833) as an Associate Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, and she is also a member of GIRES (Global Institute for Research, Education and Scholarship) where she delivers individually designed lecture courses on American literature, gender, race and belonging.

Book Review: On Savage Shores: How Indigenous Americans Discovered Europe

According to reviewer, Olga Akroyd, On Savage Shores was highly respectful and she was impressed of the surgically precise manner in which Pennock dismantles both negative and positive stereotyping associated with the notion of Indigeneity. For a scholar seeking to look beyond the recognisable myths encircling the actual facts, this book is invaluable, as we must move our imaginations from the images shaped by predominantly European minds to truly comprehend the era and ‘a world where “other” peoples were starting to become visible.’