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Nidhi Kaushal

Dr. Nidhi Kaushal is a researcher exploring the field of Leadership through the study of Creative writings and ancient Indian scriptures. She has identified the indigenous studies of literature and folklore related to Management.

Book Review: Ecology of Dakota Landscapes: Past, Present, and Future by W. Carter Johnson and Dennis H. Knight  

Ecology of Dakota Landscape has beautifully blended the ecological attributes of landscapes of the Dakota region of the United States, its geological and ecological developments in recent centuries and the present environment, and prospective approaches to climate change. What is more, the book defines the changes in the region’s climate change and ecosystem, thus identifying the reasons and options for protecting it.

Book Review: Latin American Documentary Narratives: The Intersections of Storytelling and Journalism in Contemporary Literature

Latin American Documentary Narratives reflects the robust journalism of the 1960s journalists whose stories present different creative approaches the journalists had to take within censored environments, using literary strategies to reproduce real testimonies. The movements of the Peronist era during the 20th and 21st centuries, like the Tacuara Nationalist Movement and the National Justicialist Movement, have put a halt on journalism and the publication of free press stories in the newspapers, forcing writers to employ metaphors and allegories to indicate the facts. Chávez Diaz’s work provides a glimpse into political instability in the form of narratives, through which she provides insightful research that enriches the readers’ knowledge about recent historical events.