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Megan King

Megan King is a doctoral candidate at the University of Kent. Her academic background includes programs in language and linguistics, terrorism analysis, and historical research. Her current research project at the University of Kent centers on the mechanisms of nonviolent action utilized by patriot organizations in the decade preceding the Revolutionary War. She also serves as the publicity editor for the Pubs and Publications blog

Book Review: Dueling Grounds: Revolution and Revelation in the Musical Hamilton ed. by Mary Jo Lodge and Paul R. Laird

Featuring important contributions from scholars and professionals of theatre and performance as well as specialists in musicology, history, and economics, Dueling Grounds: Revolution and Revelation in the Musical Hamilton provides a vast variety of disciplinary perspectives on Hamilton and its wide-ranging deployments of liminality. The show itself has garnered a great deal of acclaim for promoting diversity and inspiring historical education, praise certainly not without warrant. However, the editors and contributors of this topical volume do not shy away from the fact that Hamilton leaves some aspects of eighteenth-century American life either obscured or unaddressed, particularly with regard to issues involving people of colour and women.

Event Review: HOTCUS PGR and ECR Conference 2020: ‘America at and beyond the ballot box’ (Online)

Co-organised by Tim Galsworthy and Lizzie Evens, ‘America at and beyond the ballot box’ invited scholars to examine the ways in which values and ideologies are framed in both policymaking, […]