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Megan Hunt

Megan is an Associate Lecturer and PhD candidate in American Studies at Northumbria University. Her PhD research highlights the ways in which southern religious stereotypes intersect with the racial and class-based distinctions used to indicate the region in Hollywood film. Looking specifically at cinema depicting the southern civil rights movement, she has contributed chapters to edited collections on The Help and Selma. She has also participated in a roundtable on religion in American history due for publication with the Journal of American Studies, and sits on the executive committee of HOTCUS (Historians of the Twentieth Century United States.)

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On 31 October 2016, over 4,600 learners across the world will begin a unique, five-week online education experience. Encouraged to ponder all things southern – from Martin Luther King, Jr. to the mint julep – these learners will explore this most intriguing yet often maligned region of the United States, guided by experts from the Institute of Humanities at Northumbria University.