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Martin Walter

Dr. Martin Walter is a German scholar of American Studies. He received his M.A. (Magister Artium) in American Studies, Political Science and Ethnology from the University of Leipzig. In 2016 he received his Doctorate from the University of Nottingham. His doctoral thesis focuses on the role of populism in the early Tea Party movement. Martin has a wide range of research interest in the areas of history and political science, including social movements, American conservatism, democracy, populism and critical theory. He currently lives with his family in Spain.

Counterpublics and the New Dynamics of Contemporary Conservatism: From the Tea Party to the Trump Movement

The election of Donald Trump as President of the United States came as a surprise to many. Others, the author of this article included, saw in his election the culmination of a variety of long-term processes and recent transformations within the contemporary American Right. Whether interpreted as an anomaly or confirmation of long-term developments, the Trump phenomenon has changed the way we think about voter alignments, election campaigning, the American Presidency and dynamics of the American Right.