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Jennifer Dos Reis Dos Santos

Dr Jennifer dos Reis dos Santos was born in Luxembourg and is proud to represent her West African heritage in her research and writing. She has recently completed her doctoral degree at the Department of English and Creative Writing in Aberystwyth University, Wales. Her doctoral degree focuses on how African American folklore is a means of recording culture and history. Other research interest are African American literature and postcolonial theory. She is an enthusiastic writer and has previously published an article about her research in The Conversation.

Book Review: Laughing to Keep from Dying by Danielle Fuentes Morgan

Laughing to Keep From Dying centres its discussion on the ways satire enables a social commentary which illustrates the power of Black selfhood; satire becomes a new form of social justice. (2) The texts discussed in this book ‘reveal critical anxieties about race and critique the irrationality of racialization’. (3) This critique draws attention to the mistreatment of African Americans and initiates a discourse about racial inequality in America.