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Emily Brady

Dr. Emily Brady is a Teaching Fellow in American History at the University of Leeds. In May 2021, she completed her PhD in American Studies with her thesis “I Didn’t Know She Took Pictures”: African American Women Photographers in the Long Civil Rights Movement. Emily’s research interests include visual culture, protest, and gender in the United States. A full article on Dr. Doris Derby and the Civil Rights Movement is forthcoming in the Journal of American Studies.

Book Review: Doris Derby: A Civil Rights Journey by Doris Derby

Sharecroppers labouring in Mississippi fields. African American women organising cooperatives to support their communities. Members of Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC). The Free Southern Theatre, and the potential for theatre to be a catalyst for change. The centrality of Farish Street to Black life in Jackson, Mississippi. Medical clinics. Schools. Liberty House cooperative. Woodstock. Churches. Houses. Murals. Shootings. Funerals. Speeches. Families.

Visualising the Americas: Kent’s Third Annual Americanist Symposium, Keynote Addresses

What happens when you attempt to condense thousands of words, and years of research, into a single image? This was the challenge put to attendees of the Kent Americanists Symposium in June 2019 – to find and share the single image through which an entire wider discussion could be accessed.