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Amy Ruckes

Amy Ruckes is a graduate student in the American Studies program at the Heidelberg Center for American Studies (HCA), Ruprecht-Karls-UniversitŠt Heidelberg in Germany. Her studies focus on political science and history and utilize digital methods for her methodology. Her intention is to ground her research in a sociocultural understanding of the historical exploitation of marginalized populations through a mixed methods approach. Amy’s research and advocacy involve the areas of online disinformation that target marginalized populations.

Book Review: A Line of Blood and Dirt: Creating the Canada-United States Border Across Indigenous Lands by Benjamin Hoy

Author Benjamin Hoy successfully supports his three arguments and provides a foundational understanding of the racialised history of North American border control policies and their impact on Indigenous communities. Since the movement of people in the Americas is a prominent topic in today’s policy debates, this book offers an indispensable description of how current immigration policies were first developed to control the mobility of these Indigenous populations along with the formerly enslaved and Asia-Pacific immigrants.