Northumbria University: BAAS PGR Conference Review 2018

Conference Review: BAAS PGR Conference 2018, Northumbria University, 3 November 2018 @pgrbaas2018 | #pgrbaas18 Reflecting on the fiftieth anniversary of 1968, this year’s BAAS PGR conference surveyed a panorama of the antecedents and legacies of the tumultuous year. The overarching theme of the event centred on ‘America’s Urgent and Great… Continue reading

University of Nottingham: Review: HOTCUS PG & ECR Conference 2018

Review: ‘Uses and Abuses of the American Past’, HOTCUS PG & ECR Conference, University of Nottingham, 20 October 2018 ‘Uses and Abuse of American Past’, held on 20 October this year, addressed a variety of contemporary issues. Like the BAAS conference on 1968, scheduled just two weeks later, this conference… Continue reading

University of Essex: Review: BAAS PG Conference 2017 – CHASE PG/ECR Workshop (Day Two)

The programme of sessions was designed to help PGR and ECR attendees appreciate the value of ‘networks, collaboration and friendship’, as well as thinking about obstacles they may face during their early years in academia. Continue reading