Irish Association for American Studies Postgraduate Symposium Evolutions and Involutions of Human Rights in the Americas Trinity College Dublin – Trinity Long Room Hub In-person event 18th November 2023 Organizers: Ginevra Bianchini and Midia Mohammadi, IAAS PG Caucus co-chairs For the 2023 IAAS Postgraduate Symposium, the IAAS PG Caucus invites scholars… Continue reading

University of Maynooth: Eyes on Events: Janice Deitner and Andrew Clarke, IAAS PG Symposium 2022 For this week’s Eyes on Events, we interviewed Andrew Clarke and Janice Deitner about the Irish Association of American Studies 2022 Symposium’Rupture and Repair’, held at Maynooth University on November 4th and 5th. We discussed the IAAS’s return to a mixed hybrid/in-person format, talked about the role of American Studies in a… Continue reading

Maynooth University: IAAS PG Symposium: “Rupture and Repair”

For the 2022 IAAS Postgraduate Symposium we invite delegates across all disciplines of American Studies to reflect on the twin themes of ‘rupture and repair.’ There have been many unprecedented and deeply divisive events in the Americas in recent years, as well as longer-standing issues of social atomisation, incarceration, gun… Continue reading

Review: The IAAS Postgraduate Symposium “Parallel Lives in America” (Online)

‘Parallel Lives in America’ encouraged scholars to investigate the juxtaposition of various dynamics, particularly between those with power to those who are oppressed, that exist in America today. This year’s theme of the IAAS postgraduate symposium, co-organised by Sarah McCreedy and Maria Manning, was described in the opening remarks by… Continue reading

Eyes on Events – Sarah McCreedy & Maria Manning, IAAS PGR Symposium 2020

The next episode in our new series Eyes On Events, this week we are interviewing Sarah McCreedy and Maria Manning about the upcoming Irish Association of American Studies (IAAS) Postgraduate Virtual Symposium: Parallel Lives in America.  The Symposium is being held across two afternoons (13th-14th November), with a variety of papers and… Continue reading

Trinity College Dublin: Review: ‘A More Perfect Union’: IAAS PG Symposium

Closing in on a year of turbulence and violence, the symposium’s question of American unity was extremely pertinent. The relationship between past and present, language and truth, healing and communities, and narrative, trauma, and identity emerged throughout the day. Continue reading

Review: IBAAS Joint Conference

If social media is anything to go by, ‘IBAAS’ the joint conference between the Irish and British Associations for American Studies was ushered in with much excitement. Twitter was inundated with #IBAAS16 updates of those making their way to Belfast. The typically erratic Northern Irish weather may have surprised some but it did little to dampen spirits. Over three days almost one hundred panels treated attendees to papers from an international cohort of academics, demonstrating the breadth and scope of American Studies. Despite, or perhaps because of, the variety of interests, the conference generated a significant amount of cross-panel discussion and thought. Continue reading