Panel Review: HOTCUS 2022 ‘Race, Rhetoric and Visibility’

‘Panel 2B: Race, Rhetoric, and Visibility’, HOTCUS 2022 Annual Conference, University of Edinburgh, 22-24 June 2022 On the second day of the Historians of Twentieth-Century United States (HOTCUS) Annual Conference, three researchers presented their current works-in-progress under the topic of ‘Race, Rhetoric, and Visibility.’ To begin, Dr. Emily Brady (Teaching… Continue reading

The University of Edinburgh: Eyes on Events: Megan Hunt, HOTCUS Annual Conference 2022

The next episode in our series Eyes On Events, this week we are interviewing Megan Hunt about the upcoming HOTCUS Annual Conference at the University of Edinburgh. The conference is being held from the 22nd to 24th of June, in a hybrid format, and so attendance is possible either in-person or online. More… Continue reading

Eyes on Events: Malcolm Craig, HOTCUS Winter Symposium 2022

The next episode in our series Eyes On Events, this week we are interviewing Malcolm Craig about the upcoming HOTCUS 2022 Winter Symposium: The Manhattan Project Turns 80: Reflections on the Nuclear Age. The conference is being held on the 12th of March 2022, in-person at Liverpool John Moores University. More details… Continue reading

Review: ‘Americans in the World’, HOTCUS Winter Symposium 2021 (Online)

Co-organized by Uta Balbier (HOTCUS Coordinator and Senior Lecturer in Modern History at King’s College) and Jennifer Chochinov (third year Ph.D candidate in History at King’s College), ‘Americans in the World’ invited scholars to inquire how non-state actors connected the United States to the rest of the world and complicated… Continue reading

Eyes on Events – Jennifer Chochinov and Uta Balbier, HOTCUS Winter Symposium 2021

The next episode in our new series Eyes On Events, this week we are interviewing Jennifer Chochinov and Uta Balbier about the upcoming HOTCUS Winter Symposium 2021: Americans in the World. The HOTCUS 2021 Winter Symposium will be held via Zoom on February 20, 2021. You can register for this virtual event here:… Continue reading

Event Review: HOTCUS PGR and ECR Conference 2020: ‘America at and beyond the ballot box’ (Online)

Co-organised by Tim Galsworthy and Lizzie Evens, ‘America at and beyond the ballot box’ invited scholars to examine the ways in which values and ideologies are framed in both policymaking, political rhetoric, and popular discourse, with specific regard to citizenship, suffrage, and the marginalisation of under-represented minority groups. The conference… Continue reading

Eyes on Events – Tim Galsworthy, HOTCUS PGR Conference 2020 (Online)

  The first in our new series Eyes On Events, this week we are interviewing Tim Galsworthy about the upcoming HOTCUS 2020 Postgraduate and Early Career Virtual Conference: America At and Beyond the Ballot Box.  The conference is happening online on Friday 18 September 2020. You can find out more… Continue reading

University of Cambridge: Review: HOTCUS PG Conference 2017 – Contesting Power: Rights, Justice, and Dissent in America and Beyond

Given the overarching theme of the conference, it is unsurprising that activism and dissent in the United States were recurring themes, and papers considered, for example, feminist responses to the AIDS crisis, and radical politics within VISTA during the Nixon years. Continue reading

Review Responses: HOTCUS Postgraduate Conference, ‘Winning Minds and Hearts: Constructing National Identity in US History’

Following our review series of the HOTCUS Postgraduate Conference, the panelists were given the opportunity to respond to the reviews; discussing questions posed, expanding on specific areas of interest, and addressing issues raised. The responses which follow—from Simon Buck (Northumbria University), Mark Eastwood (University of Nottingham), and Lauren Mottle (University of Leeds) serve to continue the conversation beyond the day itself. Continue reading