Review: Maple Leaf and Eagle Conference – “North America: Inclusive, Exclusive, and Exceptional” (Online)

University of Helsinki

The biennial Maple Leaf and Eagle Conference is the longest running conference at the University of Helsinki, and one of the most prominent academic events in the field of North American studies organized in Finland. Since 1986, it has been being a vibrant venue for exploring North America from a… Continue reading

Review: PG BAAS Conference – Connection and Collective Action: Past and Present (Online)

This year’s British Association of American Studies (BAAS) Postgraduate Symposium inspired speakers and attendees alike to trace instances of connection, collaboration and action across both today’s and yesterday’s America. Amidst the ongoing isolation for many in 2020, organisers Molly Becker (University of Cambridge) and Jennifer dos Reis dos Santos (Aberystwyth… Continue reading

Review: Kent Americanist Symposium “The Spatial Americas” (Online)

The Kent Americanist Symposium returned on November 21st for the fourth of what is now an annual gathering of early career scholars. The day was admirably led by Jack Dice and Irene Lopez Sanchez, both of the University of Kent, and was sponsored by the British Association of American Studies… Continue reading

Review: The IAAS Postgraduate Symposium “Parallel Lives in America” (Online)

‘Parallel Lives in America’ encouraged scholars to investigate the juxtaposition of various dynamics, particularly between those with power to those who are oppressed, that exist in America today. This year’s theme of the IAAS postgraduate symposium, co-organised by Sarah McCreedy and Maria Manning, was described in the opening remarks by… Continue reading

Review: Zoom into BrANCH 2020 (Online)

Conference Review: ‘Zoom into BrANCH’, 10th – 11th October 2020 In a pre-COVID-19 world, the Association of British American Nineteenth Century Historians (BrANCH) would have met in person for a range of exciting papers on nineteenth-century American history. But, just as the world has had to adapt, so too has… Continue reading

Event Review: HOTCUS PGR and ECR Conference 2020: ‘America at and beyond the ballot box’ (Online)

Co-organised by Tim Galsworthy and Lizzie Evens, ‘America at and beyond the ballot box’ invited scholars to examine the ways in which values and ideologies are framed in both policymaking, political rhetoric, and popular discourse, with specific regard to citizenship, suffrage, and the marginalisation of under-represented minority groups. The conference… Continue reading