BAAS 2023 Panel Review: 5E-Negotiating American Spaces

BAAS Panel Review: 5E- Negotiating American Spaces From the musings of the Transcendentalists to Turner’s frontier thesis, Chicano Aztlán, and the intercommunal visions of the Black Panthers, space has long been critical to American Studies. On April 13th, an all-star interdisciplinary team of PhD students from the University of Manchester… Continue reading

Book Hour with David Watson’s Truth to Post-Truth in American Detective Fiction

  The next U.S. Studies Online Book Hour will take place 28th April 2023, at 4pm GMT/12pm EST with Dr. David Riddle Watson and his first monograph, Truth to Post-Truth in American Detective Fiction (Palgrave Macmillan Crime Files Series, 2021). Dr. Watson teaches at Central Carolina Community College. He completed his… Continue reading

European Initiatives in American Studies-The Roosevelt Institute for American Studies

To kickstart our new series on American Studies on the continent, we travelled to Middelburg in the Netherlands to hear all about the Roosevelt Institute for American Studies, a centre for research and collaboration established in 1986. Since 2003, RIAS’ PhD seminars have brought the best and brightest of American… Continue reading

Book Review: Paul Laurence Dunbar: The Life and Times of a Caged Bird, by Gene Andrew Jarrett

A comprehensive biography of Dunbar was long overdue. His brief life was influenced by most of the major forces affecting Black life after emancipation: the legacy of slavery, Reconstruction, civil rights, migration from South to North, city life and the limited integration it brought. His remarkable and swift ascent to fame showed the possibilities and the limitations of Black art for a population that sorely needed public voices. I understand Dunbar’s central place in the story of the late nineteenth-century better now than I did, and for that reason I am glad I read Jarrett’s biography. Still, I hope that those who seek this story in the future will have the opportunity to read a revised edition. Continue reading

Eyes on Events- BAAS 2023 Annual Conference

It’s BAAS Annual Conference time again! In this week’s Eyes on Events, we met with David Ballantyne and Hannah M. Smith (both Keele University) to discuss this week’s conference taking place at Keele from April 12th to April 14th. Along the way, we heard advice for organising such a colossal… Continue reading

Book Review: Ecology of Dakota Landscapes: Past, Present, and Future by W. Carter Johnson and Dennis H. Knight  

Ecology of Dakota Landscape has beautifully blended the ecological attributes of landscapes of the Dakota region of the United States, its geological and ecological developments in recent centuries and the present environment, and prospective approaches to climate change. What is more, the book defines the changes in the region’s climate change and ecosystem, thus identifying the reasons and options for protecting it. Continue reading

Eyes on Event: Bridging the Resource Gap This week, USSO’s Eyes on Events continued our new series on Teaching and American Studies with a review of the BAAS initiative Bridging the Resource Gap. Bridging the Resource Gap aims to create resources for 16-to-19-year-olds interested in American Studies, including resources discussing the careers open to American Studies… Continue reading

Call for Panel Reviewers-BAAS 2023

Calling all reviewers! USSO are looking for panel reviewers for the BAAS 2023 Annual Conference. Have your eyes on an exciting panel or initiative? If so, help spotlight ground-breaking work in our American Studies community by offering our online journal a reflection on your conference experience! USSO particularly welcomes first-time… Continue reading

Book Review: A Line of Blood and Dirt: Creating the Canada-United States Border Across Indigenous Lands by Benjamin Hoy

Author Benjamin Hoy successfully supports his three arguments and provides a foundational understanding of the racialised history of North American border control policies and their impact on Indigenous communities. Since the movement of people in the Americas is a prominent topic in today’s policy debates, this book offers an indispensable description of how current immigration policies were first developed to control the mobility of these Indigenous populations along with the formerly enslaved and Asia-Pacific immigrants. Continue reading

Eyes on Events-An Evening with Mrs Terrell and Friends In this week’s episode of Eyes on Events, we interviewed Dr Marie Molloy (Manchester Metropolitan University) and the award-winning creative producer, historian, and theatre-maker Pamela Roberts about an outreach screening of the play ‘An Evening With Mrs Terrell and Friends.’ Mary Church Terrell (1863-1954) was a celebrated Black women… Continue reading