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Game of Thrones: An International Conference (University of Hertfordshire)

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Game of Thrones: An International Conference (University of Hertfordshire)

September 6, 2017 - September 7, 2017

Game of Thrones: An International Conference
University of Hertfordshire, De Havilland Campus, 6-7 September 2017
Co-organised by the Media Research Group of the Schools of Creative Arts and Humanities
REGISTRATION NOW OPEN:  http://store.herts.ac.uk/conferences-events/conferences-events/conferences/creative-arts/game-of-thrones-an-international-conference
The University is in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, which 25 minutes, by train, from central London. The nearest train station is Hatfield (direct route from King’s Cross Station). The University is a short taxi journey or bus ride from Hatfield railway station. You can view train times and fares on the National Rail website.
There are also bus services available from all the major London airports to the University.
Airport bus services 
Heathrow Airport (21 miles or 34km away) Arriva 724 service
Luton Airport (18 miles or 29km away) National Express JL737 Service
Stansted Airport (20 miles or 32km away) National Express JL737 Service
Gatwick Airport (40 miles or 64km away) National Express JL737 Service
View our maps and directions section for more information on how to get here.
From Hatfield train station local cabs are readily available.  Alternatively take the 602, 614 or 644 bus to De Havilland campus.
Accommodation is offered in Halls of Residence, please follow the link to De Havilland Halls of Residence: https://bandb.herts.ac.uk
Parking permits are available.  Please contact k.akass@herts.ac.ukfor a printable PDF.  The permit should be visible in your vehicle at all times.
Game of Thrones: An International Conference
University of Hertfordshire, De Havilland Campus, 6-7 September 2017
Co-organised by the Media Research Group of the School of Creative Arts and Humanities
DRAFT Programme Schedule
9.00-9.30         Coffee and Registration
9.30-9.45         Opening Remarks
9.45-11.15       KEYNOTE 1 – Professor Anne Gjelsvik – ‘The Hall of Faces in Game of Thrones: Facing the Changes from Words to Images’
11.15-11.30     Coffee
11.30-1.15       PARALLEL PANELS X 2
Panel 1 – Transmedia and World Building
Ian Sturrock.   Games of Ice and Fire: Close reading the themes of Game of Thrones through analogue and digital play.
Alexander Sergeant.  Across the Narrow Screen:  Televisual World-Building in HBO’s Game of Thrones.
Andrew Lynch.  Watercooler Westeros: After the Thrones as transmedia Quality paratext.
Rachel Mizsei Ward. ‘ We’re going to need a bigger box of red crayons’ – Adapting Game of Thrones for the adult colouring book market.
Panel 2 – Politics and Power
Giancarol M Sandoval.  Jon Snow vs Laura Roslin: The demise of democracy’s representation in Game of Throne.s
Cason Murphy.  ‘Get thee to a Mummery’: Power, Politics and Performance in A Song of Ice and Fire.
Luisa Valeriani.  The Dialectical Image of a Paradigm Shift.
1.15-2.00         Lunch
2.00-3.45         PARALLEL PANELS X 2
Panel 3 – Virtual Westeros
Julie Escurigan, Briony Hannell, Amanda DiGioia, Rose Butler.  Virtual Westeros’: Fan Practices in the Online Game of Thrones Universe.
Panel 4 – Adaptation and Transtextuality
Eve Smith.  What if Richard had left the princes with their mother rather than putting them in the tower?  Oh wait, isn’t that the plot of Game of Thrones?: Shakespearean transtextuality in Game of Thrones fandom.
Amanda Potter.  Classical Heroines in HBO’s Game of Thrones: Iphigenia and Medea in Westeros.
Stella Louis The Accursed Kings or the ‘original Game of Thrones’: from the national Maurice Druon’s work and its 1972 French TV adaptation to a fascinating hybrid produce of popular culture.
Emre Tuncel.  Game of Thrones and Greek Katabasis myth.
3.45-4.15         Tea and Refreshments
4.15-5.45         PARALLEL PANELS X 2
Panel 5 – Fans and Viewing Practices
Héctor J. Pérez.  Fan Theories and Aesthetic Consciousness: On Jon Snow’s Death and Resurrection.
Kingka Jakabffy and Joan Ramon Rodriguez-Amat.  Games of Piracy and Fandom: Technology, Copyright and Industry.
Zoë Shacklock.  Embodied Spectatorship and the Game of Thrones reaction video.
Panel 6 – History, Heritage and Tourism
Daniel Clarke.  Westeros via Belfast: faux-authenticity and the heritage experience of HBO’s Game of Thrones.
Nicholas Furze. Time through a lens:  Game of Thrones, a modern perception of Late-Medieval Life.
Niamh Kirk:  From fantasty to reality: Representations of Northern Ireland and Ireland in media coverage of Game of Thrones.
6.00-7.00pm   Launch of the George R. R. Martin Society.
7.30 – late       Conference Dinner
9.00-9.30         Coffee and Registration
9.30-11.00       KEYNOTE 2 – Associate Professor Rikke Schubert – ‘Broken Things, Women and Change: Game of Thrones and Playing with Existential Explosive Plasticity
11.00-11.30     Coffee
11.30-1.00 PARALLEL PANELS X 2
Panel 7 – International Audiences
Florencia García-Rapp.  The fourth wall and ‘The Wall’: A cross-cultural reception analysis of Game of Thrones.
Carolina Assunção e AlvesCarolina Vieira Rocha de Sousa and Isadora Viana Valle de Oliveira.  The repercussions of Game of Thrones in Brazil: Content production and publicization in convergence culture.
Panel 8 – Representation 1
Rosser Johnson. Legitimacy and being female: character arcs and storyline convergence in Season 6 of Game of Thrones.
Olivia Hinkin. Representations of Incest within Game of Thrones.
Lidiane Nunes de Castro.  Daenerys Targaryen: A journey to become queen of the Seven Kingdoms and herself.
1.00-2.00         Lunch
2.00-3.30         PARALLEL PANELS X 2
Panel 9 – Death and Trauma
Matteo Barbagallo. The one we are living in: Westeros and the dantesque interpretation of Death
Simon Born. Valar morghulis – Representations of Death and Dying in HBO’s Game of Thrones.
Ben Tyrer. Fantasy Decomposed: Traumatic desire and (dis)integration in Game of Thrones.
Panel 10 – Representation 2
Ronaldo Henn & Christian GonzattiGame of Thrones and Journalism: the emergence of feminist collectives in Brazilian digital pop culture.
Debra Ferreday. The Revenge of Sansa Stark: rape-revenge narratives and the cultural politics of gendered spectatorship.
3.30-4.00         Tea
4.00-5.30         KEYNOTE 3 – Professor Martin Barker – Questeros Round Table – ‘Letting the smallfolk speak: a first report from the International Game of Thrones Audience Project’
5.30-6.00         Closing Remarks
6.00pm            Conference Close


September 6, 2017
September 7, 2017
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