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CfP: 15th SAAS Conference: “Fear Narratives” and their Role/Use in the United States (University of Deusto, Bilbao)

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CfP: 15th SAAS Conference: “Fear Narratives” and their Role/Use in the United States (University of Deusto, Bilbao)

October 15, 2020

This is the list of panels for the 15th SAAS Conference. Prospective participants are now invited to email the abstracts of their proposals directly to the chair of the selected panel using this form. The deadline for submitting abstracts is October 15, 2020.

1) “Domestic Spaces, Safety, and the (Micro)Political in the United States”
Panel Chair: Rodrigo Andrés and Cristina Alsina Rísquez, Universitat de Barcelona.
E-mail: rodrigoandres@ub.edu / alsina@ub.edu

2) “McCarthyism and Cold War Literatures: A Cultural Response to Fear and Paranoia”
Panel Chair: María Laura Arce Álvarez, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
E-mail: laura.arce@uam.es

3) “Unauthorized Mobility, Disposable Living: Migrants, Drifters and Nomads in Contemporary North American Literature and Culture”
Panel Chair: Paula Barba Guerrero and Mónica Fernández Jiménez, Universidad de Salamanca / Universidad de Valladolid
E-mail: paulabarbaguerrero@usal.es / monica.fernandez@uva.es

4) “The Phenomenology of Fear and Resilience in Women’s Poetry: The Role of Poetic Creativity and the Artistic Process”
Panel Chair: Isabel Castelao-Gómez,Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia
E-mail: icastelao@flog.uned.es

5) “From East to West, From Now to Then: Popular Music and the Sound of Fear”
Panel Chair:Ángel Chaparro Sainz, Universidad del País Vasco (UPV/EHU)
E-mail: angel.chaparro@ehu.eus

6) “Black Lives Matter: Violence, Resistance and Healing in Contemporary African American and African Diaspora Art”
Panel Chair: Rocío Cobo Piñero, Universidad de Sevilla
E-mail: rociocobo@us.es

7) “Fear of Illness, Hope in Recovery: Visions and Spaces of Malady in North American Literature and Culture”
Panel Chair: Isabel Durán Giménez-Rico, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
E-mail: idurangi@ucm.es

8) “Approaching American Fear Narratives from the Medical Humanities”
Panel Chair: Marta Fernández Morales, Universidad de Oviedo
E-mail: fernandezmmarta@uniovi.es

9) “Technologically Vulnerable: Managing Fear in the Fourth Industrial Revolution”
Panel Chair: Miriam Fernández Santiago, Universidad de Granada
E-mail: mirfer@ugr.es

10) “Posthuman Ethics and Accountability in Anthropocene Narratives”
Panel Chair: María Ferrández San Miguel and Mónica Calvo Pascual, Universidad de Zaragoza
E-mail: mfsm@unizar.es, mocalvo@unizar.es

11) “‘The Vanishing Indian’: Is It Just a Myth or a Real Risk in the 21st Century?”
Panel Chair: Aitor Ibarrola-Armendariz, Universidad de Deusto, Bilbao
E-mail: aitor.ibarrola@deusto.es

12) “Fear, Exposure, Transparency: The Role of Secrecy in Contemporary Narratives”
Panel Chair: Paula Martín Salván, Universidad de Córdoba
E-mail: paula.martin@uco.es

13)“The Construction of Fear and the Promise of Relationality: Lessons from Native America”
Panel Chair: Silvia Martínez-Falquina, Universidad de Zaragoza
E-mail: smfalqui@unizar.es

14)“‘What Kind of Times Are These’: As Adrienne Rich Writes It”
Panel Chair: Aleksandra Nikcevic-Batricevic, University of Montenegro
E-mail: alexmontenegro@t-com.me

15) “The Many Masks of Fear in American Poetry
Panel Chair: Viorica Patea, Universidad de Salamanca
E-mail: vioricap@usal.es

16) “Fear Narratives of the American West: Beyond the Geography of Hope”
Panel Chair: David Río Raigadas, Universidad del País Vasco (UPV/EHU)
E-mail: david.rio@ehu.eus

17)“Good Fear, Bad Fear: Apocalyptic Plagues, Cautionary Tales, and Risk Criticism”
Panel Chair: Begoña Simal González, Universidade da Coruña
E-mail: bsimal@udc.es

18) “Policing Deviance: Constructing and Resisting Fear Narratives of ‘the Lesbian'”
Panel Chair: María Ángeles Toda Iglesia, Universidad de Sevilla
E-mail: mtoda@us.es

19) “Eco-Fear vs. Eco-Love: Fostering Environmental Citizenship in American”
Panel Chair: Diana Villanueva Romero, Universidad de Extremadura
E-mail: dvillanv@unex.es

20) “Miscellanea”
Panel Chair: Carmen Méndez García / Aitor Ibarrola Armendariz, Universidad Complutense / Universidad de Deusto
E-mail: cmmendez@ucm.es / aitor.ibarrola@deusto.es



Abstracts of Proposals are to be e-mailed directly to the chair of the selected panel using this form. The deadline for submitting abstracts is October 15, 2020. Panel chairs are expected to accept/reject proposals and have panels set up by November 15.

Non-members of SAAS (of all nationalities) are welcome to participate in the conference, but will be required to pay membership dues for one year as well as the conference registration fee. Members of ASA (American Studies Association), APEAA (Portuguese Association for Anglo-American Studies) and HELAAS (Hellenic Association for American Studies) need only pay the conference registration fee.

Further guideliness for participants can be found here.


October 15, 2020
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