Tom Packer is a Research Fellow at UCL’s Institute of the Americas. He is also an Associate fellow at the University of Oxford’s Rothermere American Institute in 2020-21. His research and teaching interests include US politics, elections, US Conservatism, and US history broadly defined. Previously, Packer has been a lecturer in US history at Oxford, a fellow in American Studies at both Warwick and the School of Advanced Studies (University of London), and a fellow in US Politics at Durham. His current research project is a study of Senator Jesse Helms and the politics of North Carolina.

Trump and the Republican Party—Precessors and Limits

This article examines Donald Trump’s roots in the Republican Party, both in the popular backlash against immigration as well as more broadly. It also challenges the idea that Trump has developed an unusual degree of control over the GOP. Trumpism is both less new and less dominant than many narratives… Continue reading