Tom Cryer is a second-year LAHP-funded PhD student at UCL’s Institute of the Americas, where he studies memory, race, and nationhood in the twentieth-century United States.

BAAS 2023 Panel Review: 8H-GreenBAAS Panel ‘”Our House is Still on Fire”: New Research in Environmental American Studies’

BAAS 2023 Panel Review: 8H- GreenBAAS Panel ‘“Our House is Still on Fire”: New Research in Environmental American Studies’ Since debuting at 2021’s BAAS Annual Conference, GreenBAAS’s panels have become something of an annual fixture, acquiring a reputation for interdisciplinarity, provocativeness, and contemporary relevance. These features were again apparent as… Continue reading

BAAS 2023 Panel Review: 5E-Negotiating American Spaces

BAAS Panel Review: 5E- Negotiating American Spaces From the musings of the Transcendentalists to Turner’s frontier thesis, Chicano Aztlán, and the intercommunal visions of the Black Panthers, space has long been critical to American Studies. On April 13th, an all-star interdisciplinary team of PhD students from the University of Manchester… Continue reading

Event Review: ‘Voters of the Future’, Northumbria University, November 21, 2022

The American Politics Group’s ‘Unfolding our Shared Future’ event series commenced with a welcoming and analytically rich event at Northumbria University on November 11th discussing ‘Voters of the Future’. The ‘Unfolding Our Shared Future: Challenge, Possibility and Potential in U.S. and U.K. Politics’ series, supported by BAAS and the U.S…. Continue reading

Book Review: The South: Jim Crow and Its Afterlives by Adolph Reed Jr.

During a long career spanning political science, activism, and journalism, Adolph Reed Jr has cultivated an enigmatic reputation among left public intellectuals, continually checking the inertial tendencies and oversights of contemporary left theorising to critique race reductionism and what Reed calls the left’s increasingly ‘quietistic’ cultural politics. Locked in ever-fiercer, internecine, and insular skirmishes adrift from site-specific questions of political economy, Reed suggests that this ‘flight from concreteness’ underplays the role of class, favouring representation over redistribution and thus undercutting opportunities for cross-racial mobilisation. [1] Continue reading

Review: ANZASA 2021 (Online)

As the Australia and New Zealand American Studies Association met for its biannual conference on November 24-25th, the conference’s key themes of ‘American Crisis’ and ‘American Renewal’ were kept in an incredibly fine balance. Hosted by the Macquarie School of Social Sciences, ANZASA 2021 was the Association’s first pandemic-era conference… Continue reading