Tanja Jurković is a PhD researcher at UEA, Norwich, UK. The topic of her PhD research is Balkan horror cinema, focusing on horror genre in the Balkans, and the relationship between Croatia and Serbia. Other interests include, but are not limited to Grand-Guignol, Gothic, horror genre, popular culture, metal music, representation of mental illness in horror.

Northumbria University: Review: Horror, Cult and Exploitation Media II

Conference Review: Horror, Cult and Exploitation Media II: A Workshop for PhDs and ECRs, Northumbria University, 4 May 2018 Website: https://horrorcultexploitation.wordpress.com/ ‘Horror, Cult and Exploitation Media’ workshop for PhD candidates and ECRs was held at Northumbria University on the 4 May 2018. The day consisted of three panels, carefully programmed… Continue reading