Steven Parfitt is a Teaching Fellow in History at Loughborough University. He is the author of Knights Across the Atlantic: The Knights of Labor in Britain and Ireland, with Liverpool University Press, and has edited Working-Class Nationalism and Internationalism: Essays in Global History. He has written more than a dozen journal articles and book chapters on British, American and global history, and writes occasionally for Jacobin, the Guardian, and

Meet the Curator: ‘Labour’s Special Relationship’

Ties between Britain and the United States have long been conceptualised along the lines of a ‘special relationship’.  The public exhibition ‘Labour’s Special Relationship’ seeks to explore transatlantic ties between trade unionists and organised labour in Britain and the United States, often obscured by conventional myth-making about Anglo-American unity.  With the exhibition underway, USSO interviews Dr Steven Parfitt, who curated the exhibition in collaboration with the Trades Union Congress Library. Continue reading

May Day and the future of workers’ internationalism

The conference “Workers of all lands unite? Working class nationalism and internationalism until 1945,” (University of Nottingham) highlighted how workers, now more than ever, need an international movement, one that can tackle the issues raised by a globalized system of production. (Review by co-organisers and labour scholars Lorenzo Costaguta and Steven Parfitt) Continue reading