Sharon is currently a PhD student at UCL, where her work looks at gender representation of women on screen in political movies, from 1930s to present day, and examines the development of character in line with development of women in real-life politics. Her wider research interests include: media, women’s history, women’s rights, gender portrayals in film and politics.

Review: Hardboiled History: A Noir Lens on America’s Past

‘Hardboiled’ refers to crime fiction, narratives usually focalised through tough or cynical detectives and centring primarily on organised crime in prohibition-era United States. The genre of noir, however, categorises fiction that takes the perspective of a victim, suspect or spectator. While closely related to the Hardboiled genre, these differing perspectives are notable. Thus, the ‘Noir lens on America’s Past’ promised to interrogate these genres, the manner in which they addressed social anxieties, and their continuing legacy and influence. Continue reading