Mike Witcombe recently completed a PhD at the University of Southampton, submitting a thesis which explored depictions of sexuality in Philip Roth’s Kepesh novels. His current research explores unpublished material in the Philip Roth Papers, and he has additional research interests in Jewish studies, psychoanalysis and baseball fiction.

Book Review: States of Trial: Manhood in Philip Roth’s Post-War America by Ann Basu

Given that Philip Roth has spent most of his career defending his writing, it’s appropriate that his ‘retirement’ would only be a spur to further debate amongst his readers. After a quiet announcement in the French cultural magazine Les InRocks (so quiet that the Anglophone world didn’t pick up on it until a full month later), Roth called time on a long and storied career. Since then, several critics have already published research that attempts to grapple with the complex issue of Roth’s literary legacy. One of the best of these works is Ann Basu’s recent monograph States of Trial. Continue reading