Michael Docherty is a first-year PhD candidate at the Centre for American Studies at the University of Kent. His doctoral research focuses on (re)visions of frontier imagery in literary depictions of social and ethnic tension in mid-20th century Los Angeles. Other research interests include metafiction in the post-’45 American novel and the sociocultural history of rhythm and blues music. He tweets at @maybeavalon.

The Last Time I Saw Richard: Post-Postmodernism and the Contemporary Case for Richard Yates

Ninety years since his birth, a familiar argument recurs in discussions of Richard Yates’s critical underappreciation. It holds that a dedication to a stylistically and formally conventional form of fiction, one preoccupied with the mimetically realist representation of a particular set of social mores and their psychological impacts, placed him out-of-step with the experimental currents of the postmodern period. Continue reading