Mara Sankey is a final year PhD student at University College London. Her thesis, provisionally entitled "Promoting Democracy? The Role of Non-State Actors in inter-American Relations 1980 - 1993", will focus on the involvement of three US-based non-state actors in US policy towards Latin America under the governments of Reagan and George H. W. Bush. Her research interests include, the role of NGOs, political foundations and other non-state actors in US inter-American policy, authoritarian government and democratic transition in Latin America and the role of social movements and civil society in US and Latin American politics.

The NED in Action: US Democracy Promotion in Chile and Nicaragua, 1988 – 1989

“Although, legally, autonomous from the US government, in both Chile and Nicaragua the NED’s programmes constituted a key aspect of US foreign policy. Through special appropriations, the US was able to channel money to friendly organisations and exert subtle influence over the two countries without risking an international incident.” Continue reading