Magdalena Müllerová is a researcher of African American literature and culture. She is in the second year of a PhD at the University of Manchester. Her project focuses on the American frontier mythology in neo-slave narratives authored by African American women, through analysing the ways Black women embody typical frontier figures such as the farmer, the hunter, or the pioneer, tracing the engagement with as well as the revision of the frontier myth to be more inclusive, collaborative, and empathetic. Magdalena can be found on Twitter at @Mags_Muller.

‘Maysville? That’s a white town’: “The Harder They Fall” and Blackness in the Western Landscape

This article is part of the USSO special series Resilience/Renewal: Shifting Landscapes in American Studies The popularity of the Western as a genre solidified the frontier mythology as one of the building myths of the American nation and its cultural iconography. However, the Western carries sinister implications in its ‘good… Continue reading