Lewis Johnson is a doctoral student at the University of Edinburgh. He studies U.S. political history of the twentieth century. He specialises in the history of the Republican Party, southern politics, race, civil rights, voter behaviour, and electoral change. His doctoral project explores the Republican Party’s efforts to cultivate and mobilise support in the white South from 1945 to 1952.

Book Review: Why White Liberals Fail: Race And Southern Politics From Fdr To Trump By Anthony J. Badger

Why White Liberals Fail is a thought-provoking addition to a field that neglects the role white liberals played in the South’s political transformation. What is more, Badger’s research as an opening gambit – a thesis that he hopes will spark renewed interest in white southern liberalism. The relative brevity of the book (around 200 pages) and the wide, expansive chronology leaves ample scope for more focused studies by a new crop of southern historians. Continue reading