Kimberly Quiogue Andrews is a doctoral candidate in English Literature at Yale University. Her dissertation, provisionally entitled “The Academic Avant-Garde,” explores the relationship between poetic and literary critical modes of thinking, particularly the aesthetic effects of that relationship, in contemporary experimental poetry. Her scholarly work has appeared in College English and is forthcoming in Textual Practice, and her poems have been published inRHINO, The Normal School, BOMB, and West Branch, among others. You can also find her on Twitter .

Review: ‘Poetry and Collaboration in the Age of Modernism’ Conference

Because the word “collaboration” can contain so much, ‘Poetry and Collaboration’ brought together scholars with wildly different interpretations of what it means to work together. The opening keynote by Peter Howarth (Queen Mary) set the tone by being generally definitional. For Howarth, the word could potentially replace “context” in discussions of historical environment, in order to give us a more active way to talk about the interactions between artists and their surroundings. Continue reading