I am a part-time PhD Candidate in English and American Studies at The University of Manchester. I am a graduate teaching assistant and I lead seminars in: American history to 1877; Reconstruction to Reagan; and an interdisciplinary module which looks at the African-American experience. My research interests include: urban history; city planning, particularly the City Beautiful movement; how urban space is used to create and enforce categories of race, class and gender; and the Progressive era. I also have an interest in American Gothic. I also work as a Human Resources Administrator at Marks and Spencer. If I can find any spare time I tend to use it drinking real ale and watching Netflix.

Meet Me at the Fair: the Native-American Model School, the Philippine Reservation and Maintenance of the Colour Line at St. Louis’s World’s Fair

Throughout November 2015, U.S. Studies Online will be publishing a series of posts to mark Native American Heritage Month. In the this post, Katie Myerscough (University of Manchester) discusses the problematic portrayal of Native Americans and indigenous Filipinos at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair. Continue reading