Kate Dossett is a Senior Lecturer in U.S. History and Director of Postgraduate Research at the University of Leeds. She works on women's and gender history and histories of the African Diaspora including black nationalism, the international black left, the Harlem Renaissance and black feminism. She is currently working on two projects: Radical Black theatre in the New Deal and a collaborative project on the making of feminist history and archives in Britain and the U.S. She was co-opted onto the BAAS Executive Committee in 2015 to develop policies on equalities and inclusion and elected to a three year term in 2016.

Teaching U.S Women’s History in British Universities: a Personal and Political History

The first post in our new HOTCUS-led ‘Teaching America’ series is by Dr Kate Dossett (University of Leeds) who reflects on her own experiences of designing a course on U.S. women’s history, and how she has encouraged British undergraduate students to consider how their own gender identity shapes their approach to the study of history. Continue reading