Karen E. H. Skinazi, Ph.D., is an academic practice advisor at University of Birmingham (UK) who writes about ethnic American women’s literature. She published a critical edition of Winnifred Eaton (Onoto Watanna)’s Marion: The Story of an Artist’s Model with McGill-Queen’s University Press (2012), and she is currently working on a book about contemporary Jewish Orthodox women’s literature. She served as the membership chair for MELUS for the 2012-2015 term.

The Significance of “ME” (1915): The Literary Fame of Winnifred Eaton (Onoto Watanna)

Winnifred Eaton’s (Onoto Watanna) novel ME proved a turning point in literary history. Here is a book that is about a half-Asian woman (as readers might have suspected and certainly learned), and she is a half-Asian who is integrated in white society, upper and lower. Continue reading