Joydeep Chakraborty is currently a PhD candidate in the Department of English and Cultural Studies at Bankura University, India. His area of research is post-9/11 American poetry. His notable articles include ‘“Violence Has Changed Me”: Private Trauma and Identity Crisis in Post-9/11 American Poetry’ (Appropriations, xii [2017]), and ‘Contemporary Postmodernism: Postmodern Features in Post-9/11 Poetry’ (IJMAS, vol. 05, no. 02, 2019).

BAAS 2022 Panel Review: ‘Language and Multiculturalism in Contemporary Literature’

In the last thirty-five years, there has been a good deal of study of the relationship between language and multiculturalism, and between multiculturalism and contemporary literature. In ‘Language, Multiculturalism, and Identity: A Canadian Study’, a survey conducted by John Edwards and Joan Chisholm, the authors raise the probability of a… Continue reading