Jonathan C. Creasy was raised in Los Angeles, where he studied music with jazz legends Peter Erskine and Charlie Haden and attended California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). In 2011 he graduated from Trinity College Dublin, where he is now a PhD researcher in the School of English. His thesis explores poetics and pedagogy at Black Mountain College, specifically in relation to the works of Charles Olson, John Cage, and Robert Creeley. Jonathan has served as Editor-in-Chief of Trinity’s peer-reviewed Journal of Postgraduate Research. He is also co-founder, editor, and publisher of New Dublin Press. Find out more at

Review of “Created Equal?” IAAS Annual Conference 2014

“Conferences with specific themes can suffer from repetition, but the IAAS annual conference persisted in original thinking, valuable and creative research, and remarkable quality. I heard almost nothing negative about the proceedings and felt, from my own vantage, that so many issues of inequality – whether to do with race, gender, economy, or education – were discussed with such fine presentations that delegates left the conference invigorated, not wearied.” Continue reading