John L. Crow is an Instructional Development Faculty at Florida State University’s Office of Distance Learning and a PhD graduate student in FSU’s Department of Religion. He has an extensive background in information technology and is academically trained in American Religious History and Western Esotericism. His interests, however, are wide ranging, dealing with technology related to on-line active learning, digital humanities, body studies, the intersection of science and religion, and the development of eastern religions within the west, particularly Buddhism in the West.

America’s First Muslim Convert: Alexander Russell Webb

The Nineteenth Century was a period of unprecedented religious innovation within the United States, writes John L. Crow (Florida State University). It was also at this time that America started looking east and paying attention to the religions of India, China, and Japan. By the end of the century, the first American Buddhist organization was founded by Japanese missionaries in California. It was during this period when so many eyes were looking east that Alexander Russell Webb found Islam. Continue reading