Dr Jess Cotton received her PhD in English Literature from UCL in 2018 and has since taught in the English department at Queen Mary, University of London. Her research focuses on ideas of childhood, sexuality and violence, particularly as these influence twentieth-century American literary culture. Bloomsbury have first rights on her monograph, Lyric Innocence: The American Poem, Sexuality, The Child. Her academic writing has been published in Modernist Cultures, Reading Elizabeth Bishop and Joe Brainard’s Art.

‘Let Us March On’: Lee Friedlander’s Civil Rights Photography and the Revolutionary Politics of Childhood Publics

This essay is the second in our series, ‘Literature, Visual Imagery and Material Culture in American Studies’. The series seeks to situate literature, visual imagery and material culture at the heart of American studies, and will explore the varying ways in which written and non-written sources have been created, politicised, exploited, and celebrated by the diverse peoples of the United States and beyond. You can find out more information here. Continue reading