Dr James D. Boys is an Associate Professor of International Political Studies at Richmond University (London) and a Visiting Senior Research Fellow at King’s College London. He is also Managing Director of The Resolute Group, a political and media group consultancy. James is a regular guest on TV and radio and is a familiar face to viewers of BBC News, Sky News and Al Jazeera English, where he regularly brings his brand of analysis to a world-wide audience of over 140 million in over 100 countries. He is a regular guest on LBC 97.3 in London, appears most weeks on Monocle 24, as well as on The Voice of Russia, ensuring that this analysis reaches a massive domestic and international audience on a regular basis. He has also appeared on The Voice of America, Channel 4 News, Radio 5 Live and BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour. The Clinton administration’s formulation of foreign policy in the 1990s is the subject of James’ forthcoming book, “Clinton’s Grand Strategy: US Foreign Policy in a Post-Cold War World” (Bloomsbury, 2015).

Clinton’s Ghost: Bill’s Foreign Policy and What It Tells Us About a Hillary Presidency

The recent decision by the Obama administration to move towards the normalisation of diplomatic relations with Cuba marks perhaps the most significant foreign policy decision of his presidency. Indeed, of all the decisions made in the past 6 years, this is one of the few that do not relate back… Continue reading