Dr. Jack Thompson is Assistant Lecturer at the Clinton Institute for American Studies, University College Dublin. His research focuses on the roles played by public opinion and domestic politics in US-European relations and American foreign policy decision-making. He is co-editor of Progressive Politics in America: Past, Present, and Future, which will be published by Oxford University Press.

American Studies in Europe: Interview with Jack Thompson, University College Dublin

“As scholars such as Richard Pells have observed, the United States initially encouraged American Studies in Europe after the Second World War as a way to tie the Old World more closely to the New, and many Europeans were eager to learn about the new superpower. American encouragement and money combined with European curiosity to create a thriving field of study. Of course, over time, American Studies in Europe evolved in directions that early Cold War policymakers in the US could not have imagined, or would have necessarily always welcomed. However, the incredible richness of the field today emerged thanks to this close, if not always stress-free, post-war transatlantic relationship.” Continue reading