Izaak Bosman is a PhD researcher at the University of Cambridge specialising in American literature. His research explores ideas of theatricality in the work of Frank O’Hara and the extended New York School of Poets. More broadly, he is interested in the interdisciplinary relationship between poetry and theatre, dance, and film during the Mid-Century period. He can be contacted via email at ib425@cam.ac.uk.

“Where is Thy Sting?”: Clifford Odets and the Problem of Audience

On September 6th 1936, The New York Times went to print with an article entitled: “Odets, Where is Thy Sting?”[i] Reflecting on the recent reception of Clifford Odets’s The General Died at Dawn (1936), Frank Nugent described the enthusiasm of the audiences who had come to see the Broadway playwright’s… Continue reading