Dr Harriet Stilley is a lecturer in American literature at Maynooth University. She received her PhD in 2017 from the University of Edinburgh, where she has also worked as a teacher of English and American literature. Prior to joining Maynooth in 2021, Harriet held two postdoctoral research fellowships, at the University of Oxford’s Rothermere American Institute and Edinburgh’s Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities. Her main areas of teaching and research expertise lie in late-20th and 21st-century American fiction, genre theory, critical race theory, and masculinity studies. She has published widely in these areas and her first monograph, From the Delivered to the Dispatched: Masculinity in Modern American Fiction (Routledge), was published in 2018. Harriet is in the process of completing her second monograph on masculinity in contemporary Asian American crime fiction and is also currently co-authoring a collection on true crime in contemporary American popular culture for the Edinburgh University Press Crime Fiction Studies journal. Harriet is an associate editor for PopMeC, Blog Editor for the Gothic Nature Journal, and the series editor for USSO’s ‘Asian American Solidarities in the Age of COVID-19’ special series.

Asian American Solidarities in the Age of COVID-19

  ‘The majority of Americans [regard] us with ambivalence… We [threaten] the sanctity and symmetry of a white and black America whose yin and yang racial politics [leaves] no room for any other color, particularly that of a pathetic little yellow-skinned people…’ -Viet Thanh Nguyen, The Sympathizer   “We don’t… Continue reading