Gregory Frame is an early career researcher in Film and Television Studies. He was awarded his PhD from the University of Warwick in 2012 and is currently teaching political cinema and television at the University of York. There is a much broader investigation into the dynamics of the female presidency in film and television in a chapter entitled ‘“Having it Allen”: Motherhood, Domesticity and the Female Presidency in Commander in Chief’ in his book The American President in Film and Television: Myth, Politics and Representation (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2014).

Book Review: American History through Hollywood Film: From the Revolution to the 1960s by Melvyn Stokes

As a scholar of film and television rather than history, I have often been uncomfortable with the ways in which moving images are treated by historians, as either uncomplicated windows into the past or a means to demonstrate the historical ignorance of Hollywood filmmakers. Continue reading

Imagining a Female President: Commander in Chief and the unfinished business of presidential fiction

In the sixth SHAW post Gregory Frame considers the recent fictional depiction of a female US president in Commander in Chief and asks whether this television series gives us clues as to why there has yet to be a woman elected into the Oval Office. Continue reading

The War Memorial in Visual Culture – Triumphalism and Repression in The West Wing and The X-Files

Here, I will look at two memorials to major wars in American history and their representations in mainstream television drama – The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in a fourth season episode of The X-Files entitled ‘Unrequited’ (Michael Lange, 1997), and the Korean War Veterans Memorial in a first season episode of The West Wing entitled ‘In Excelsis Deo’ (Alex Graves, 1999). Do they use memorials in a celebratory fashion, or to question and challenge the purpose of the wars to which the monuments are dedicated? Does their representation signal an affirmation of national unity as in the case of The West Wing, or, as in The X-Files, is it indicative of the fracturing and disintegration of this construct? Continue reading