Frankie Hines received his PhD in English Literature from the University of Westminster in 2021. His doctoral thesis, entitled Evading Representation: The Literature of Contemporary U.S. Anarchism, considered U.S. anarchist movements since the 1990s as sites of literary production, and explored possibilities for anarchist literary theory. In Spring 2022 he will be an Early Career Visiting Scholar in American Studies at Northumbria University.

Book Review: Philosophy for Spiders: On the Low Theory of Kathy Acker by McKenzie Wark

McKenzie Wark’s work over the last decade and a half has delved into a remarkably vast array of themes and problems, running the gamut from the politics of forms of communication, to the relevance of early Soviet thought in the Anthropocene, via a series of books on the Situationist International. If there has been a common thread to these studies, it may be Wark’s account of low theory—a compellingly protean articulation of the possibilities for theoretical production from below, beyond the canonisation of High Theory. Continue reading