Francisco J. Rodríguez, from the University of Salamanca, was formerly postdoctoral researcher at WCFIA, Harvard University (2012-2013) and Fulbright Visiting Scholar at George Washington University (2010-2012). His research interests include: cultural and intellectual relations between Spain and the United States; Anti-Americanism; and the promotion of American Studies during the Cold War. He has published three books (one of them as co-author) and is currently preparing two co-edited monographs, Selling Democracy? U.S. Public Diplomacy and Democratization in Spain (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015) and Estrategias de Diplomacia Cultural en un Mundo Interpolar (Madrid, 2014).

American Studies in Europe: Interview with Francisco J. Rodríguez, University of Salamanca

RM: How would you assess the current state of American Studies in Spain?

FJR: It seems to me that American Studies is restricted to language and culture departments, and mainly those that are primarily interested in British Studies. In that sense, and in previous decades at least, American Studies was perceived as a “by-product” of British Studies. There are only a few historians interested in American Studies in Spain, and not many sociologists or political scientists, as far as I know. Continue reading