Elizabeth Rodriguez Fielder completed an MA in American Studies at Columbia University and is currently undertaking her PhD in the English Department at the University of Mississippi. Her research focuses on grassroots activism and literary aesthetics in the 1960s and 1970s. In 2012–13, she was a Research Assistant in the Centre of Transnational American Studies (CTAS) at the University of Copenhagen, where she also taught classes on American literature.

American Studies in Europe: Interview with Elizabeth Rodriguez Fielder, University of Mississippi

Elizabeth Rodriguez Fielder: I suppose I am of a generation who has only known American Studies as transnational. However, I realize many problems have yet to be resolved – especially the danger for U.S. scholarship to colonize the work of other foreign discourses into a Western or rather U.S.-centric tradition under the auspice of the transnational. For non-U.S. scholars, American Studies has always been conceived comparatively, so the idea of a “transnational turn” is in danger of being patronizing unless there are more evenly weighted conversations. My greatest concern with the “recent trend” is that it does not necessarily conclude in transnational relationships with scholarship from institutions beyond its borders. Continue reading