Eilidh A B Hall is a recently graduated PhD scholar interested in Latinx literatures and cultures of the Americas. Her PhD project explores literary representations of the ways in which Mexican American women negotiate feminisms in the family across generations through the maintenance, contestation, and adaptation of traditional gender roles. She is also the co-jefa of The SALSA Collective, a multi-disciplinary research community for people interested in latinidades across the Americas – www.thesalsacollective.co.uk, @SALSACollective.

Université Bordeaux Montaigne: Review: ‘Border Crossings: Translation, Migration, and Gender in the Americas, the Transatlantic, and the Transpacific’

The conference themes invited participants to explore the broad spectrum of possibilities generated by cross-cultural interactions and the challenges posed to literary canons to express the nuances and complexities of cross-cultural lives. Continue reading