Daisy is a PhD candidate at the University of East Anglia. Her project looks at ecofeminism in Rebecca Solnit’s works, focusing on the intersections between place, gender and activism in depictions of American land. More broadly, her research interests include ecofeminism, autobiography, and place and space in contemporary American writing.

University of Kent: Review: The Cartographic Imagination: Art, Literature and Mapping in the United States, 1945-1980

Papers were impressively varied in reach and scope, covering landscape photography, the New York art scene, the refugee crisis, and maps of Disneyland. Though focused on the post-war period in the U.S., discussions, it seemed, could not help being drawn towards the present moment. Continue reading

University of East Anglia: Review: Queer Subjects and the Contemporary United States

Queer Subjects and the Contemporary United States was a colloquium born of the present moment. Focused on discussions of what queerness means under the Trump administration, this conference set out to consider the ways queerness figures within a contemporary social, political, and cultural U.S. context. Continue reading