Dr. Ciarán Leinster received his PhD in North American Literature and Culture from the University of Seville in 2019, with his dissertation entitled Postmodernism, or, the Changed Logic of Late Arthur Miller. He teaches at University College Dublin and Trinity College Dublin, has presented papers on various aspects of American literature and culture at conferences in four European countries, and is the producer and co-host of The Arthur Miller Society Podcast.

Broadway, Hollywood, and the Problem with The Prom

Among all the necessary and welcome debates around identity in contemporary culture, few have been more pronounced in theatre and film than that of who should be cast to play characters of marginalised identities. From gender identity and religious beliefs to nationality and disability, this issue is occurring with increasing… Continue reading

Drama and Cinematic Adaptation: USSO Special Series

  The adaptation of plays into films has been a core part of Hollywood’s output in the 95 years since the introduction of sound into cinema. In this time a huge number of the cinema’s finest and best-regarded works have begun life on the stage, Broadway or otherwise. Despite this… Continue reading

The Golden Years: Hollywood’s Fairy Tale History in the Age of Donald Trump

  It is obviously not advisable to get your historical knowledge from cinema, but during the presidency of Donald Trump, this became more tempting than normal. The chance to not only escape from reality, but into a different version of it, was hard to resist, and two films served this… Continue reading