Carolann North is a PhD researcher at the University of Ulster, currently completing her thesis on The Mythology of Us: Gender in Chuck Palahniuk’s Postmodern Fiction. She has spoken at a number of national and international conferences, most recently in Palma, Majorca presenting her paper Sister of the Mirage and Echo: Abjection, Nature and Patriarchal Distance in Graves’ Goddess Poetry. She has been recently published academically in Emerging Perspectives, and has contributed poems annually to Reflexion. In 2014, she curated the inaugural international conference Gender in the Twenty-first Century, hosted at the University of Ulster. Her previous research interests have included gender, postmodern America, Celtic mythology and North Korean Juche Literature.

Review (Part One) of IAAS Annual Conference

Usually in conferences, there are one or two panels that do not quite fit the theme. Not this year. Tied together by an excellent plenary from Dr. Lee Jenkins (University College Cork) it demonstrated the power that sight, surveillance, and vision possess on a multi-disciplinary scale. Continue reading