Anthony Stepniak B.A., M.A is currently studying for his PhD at the University Northampton UK, which focuses on representations of the Wicked Queen in contemporary narratives from a gender studies perspective. He currently has articles going through the peer review process for special issues of both of the International Journal of Fandom Studies on the notion of ‘Queerbaiting’ and Slayage the International Journal of the Whedonverses on ‘Queering the Whedonverses’. Anthony’s primary research areas are contemporary literature and film, gender studies, queer theory and postmodernism.

Review: Bowie’s Books Conference

Few musicians, perhaps, have been so closely identified with literature than David Bowie. Marking just over a year since the artist’s death ‘Bowie’s Books’, organised by Professor Richard Canning and Dr Sam Reese, gathered scholars from a variety of backgrounds for an interdisciplinary conference on Bowie’s relationship with literature. Continue reading